How to use the Task Previewer:

  • Once you have scheduled your tasks you can use the Task Previewer to check what the schedule looks like on your drivers mobiles.
  • The Previewer defaults to showing the Current work queue for today - this includes tasks due today and up to 7 days overdue. You can change the selection to also show up to 3 days in the future.
  • If a driver has started a task then the tile shows in blue, and when the task has been completed it will show in grey. Any overdue tasks that have not been started show in red.

Unassigned tasks:

  • The Unassigned tasks tab on the right can be clicked on to open up and display all tasks due in the date range selected, that have no assignments at all.

Adjusting the schedule:

  • You can drag a tile from one worker to another, or from the unassigned column to a worker. This will be inserted in order of task due time.
  • To reorder tasks within a workers queue click on the eye icon to bring up the change details pop-up. From here you can adjust the due time as well as the date and adjust the assigned resources
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