How to use the Job Calendar:

  • Gives a calendar view of the jobs page - shows a top-level view of what is due/work-in-progress
  • Tiles appear on the job due date. The task progress shows how many tasks there are and how many have been completed (e.g. 0/4, job hasn't started)
  • Job status - white (new) jobs need details confirming - so the tasks for it will not show in the scheduler. Green jobs are booked or scheduled.
  • Job due date can be adjusted by dragging the tile (on the double-ended arrow) to another day. This will bring up a pop-up with tasks adjusted by the same amount for you to confirm or adjust as necessary
  • Task details can be viewed by clicking the eye icon. This allows you to adjust job and/or individual task due dates and assignments

Example workflows:

  1. The weather has packed in so you decide to push a job back. You drag it to the new due date and it comes up with the pop-up showing adjusted task dates. As you are not sure who will be doing that task now you remove the assignment and hit update
  2. You are limited on a resource (say a Harvester) so you want to see how many harvesting jobs you have coming up. You go to the jobs calendar and filter by Harvesting jobs to decide whether to adjust when they are due, or whether you need to lease another harvester for a period
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