How do I disconnect from Xero?

Within the invoice settings ( in JobFlow you are able to disconnect your Xero here.

How does JobFlow find the correct Xero customer to invoice?

Within your customer record in JobFlow you are able to link each customer to one in Xero. If your customer isn't linked to one in Xero when you invoice it will create a customer in Xero and link it for you.

When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, in real-time.

All sync's within JobFlow are manual, we have one for customer and one for chargeout rates. A button will show on each page and allow you to manually sync.

Are there any settings related to invoicing?

Yes, we have an invoicing setting page ( were you are able to edit how your invoice looks when it creates an invoice in Xero.

I've setup an ItemCode in Xero why hasn't it made a chargeout rate in JobFlow?

In JobFlow you need to create a chargeout rate by using our chargeout rate page and then select the correct ItemCode from Xero. We do it this way because we have extra fields that Xero doesn't account for.

I need to change my pricing do I do this in JobFlow or Xero?

We would recommend doing this in Xero which then allows you to update all chargeout rates in JobFlow easily within the chargeout rate page by clicking the "Sync from Xero" button. This allows you to sync either all or selected chargeout rates within JobFlow to your new prices in Xero.

How does JobFlow use the data from Xero?

JobFlow will import your customer list from Xero in order to make sure there’s no duplication.

Items is used to create charging within JobFlow, these are Chargeout Rates and Stock. These are a key part of how JobFlow creates invoices in Xero.

JobFlow uses customers linked to Xero contacts along with items in Xero to generate draft invoices within Xero.

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