Timesheets allow users to record how many hours they complete on a daily basis, the idea behind this is to remove the reliance on paper timesheets. Below is a a guide to how the mobile and admin timesheets work within JobFlow.


  1. When you start in the morning Log into the JobFlow app

  2. Hit the red clock icon in the top bar to bring up timesheets and select today - this will be at the top

  3. Hit save to accept the current time.The clock in the top-bar will now show green 

  4. At the end of the day tap the green clock - this will bring up today's timesheet for you 

  5. Enter your finish time, and how long you had for unpaid breaks, then hit save to submit it

  6. Sync your changes.

  7. If you missed starting the timesheet then you can enter the start and end times together at the end of the day


  1. Log into JobFlow as an admin

  2. Open the menu and clicks Reports and then Timesheets.

This will list all timesheets submitted by users of the mobile app for the week selected. You are also able to change the week selected in the top right and add timesheets for users whole haven't submitted one by selecting the "all users" option.

To create a new, edit or override a timesheet:

  1. To create a new timesheet select "All users" and click on the time from the day and user you wish to add. Override the entries with the correct time and click save.

  2. To edit or override a timesheet simply click the on the day and user you wish to edit time for. Override the entries and click save.

Also you are able to export everything from this page to a CSV for use in another system.

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