JobFlow can trigger either your item code and/or GL Code to show in Xero on your draft invoice.

Where can I set the item/GL account codes?
• Chargeout Rates: In JobFlow you need to create chargeout rates to apply to templates in order to charge correctly for work. When creating these rates you also select ItemCodes from Xero.
• Services, Products, Materials: In settings, under stock you can select the item/GL account code from the stock list.

Where can I change the item/GL account codes if different to normal for one job?
• Reviewing a Job for Invoicing: when the job status is “Review” you will be able to see the item and GL account code in the job details. Check and change these here before changing the status to “Invoice”

What happens if my Code changes in Xero?
• You will get a message in JobFlow to say that code cannot be found and the option to “clear” or “highlight” the codes – the latter are highlighted in a red font.

• You will be able to check and update this by going to the chargeout rate page and clicking the 'Sync from Xero" button at the bottom of the page

Do I have to select both the item code and the GL account code?
• No, the item code alone is enough in most cases. The Item code (without the GL account code) in JobFlow will pass through to Xero, Xero will then call up and show the GL account Code.
• Only enter the GL account code if you are not using item codes or you would like the line item to go through to another GL Code (a different GL Code to what the item code would use)

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