Let’s face it, there’s lots of factors that can negatively impact the successful rollout of a new system to your business. There’s one factor that has more impact than all of the others though – its whether or not your team buys in to the need for change. Most people avoid change like the plague – change is neither comfortable nor is it effortless for most people. For many the thought of change is also accompanied by a fear of the unknown. Answering the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ for every employee touched by the new system is fundamental if you want gain their buy in and avoid them baulking at your plans.

Benefits abound with JobFlow
Fortunately, with JobFlow it’s not difficult to find benefits for everyone in your business - even if it may be difficult to remember them all. To help you with this element of your implementation we’ve listed them below and recommend that you reinforce these benefits with your team as often as you can to keep them on track.

Business Owner
Though you’ve already bought in to the idea its always good to start at the top. Business owners benefit from JobFlow through:
• Greater business efficiency
• Increased revenue from a reduction in unbilled work or products, Business Owner
reduced interest costs resulting from more timely invoicing, and no more missed jobs due to memory fade
• A business system that supports growth and will scale as your business grows
• Increased visibility of what’s going on in the business, anytime, anywhere
• Reduced time spent on admin, particularly invoicing
• Reduced reliance on the one or two key people that hold everything in their heads
• As you’re probably one of these key people it may also mean you can take time away from the business without it negatively impacting the business
• An accessible historic record of what’s happened in your business
• An ability to offer more timely customer service as no job gets forgotten and the visibility of customer deadlines improves
• Reduced business risk resulting from improved health and safety compliance

Admin Manager
Bear in mind that during the transition from one system to another there will
likely be a period of extra work for you and your admins as systems are setup
and while both systems run side by side.
Once in though admins benefit from JobFlow through:
• Less time spent chasing drivers for job sheets
• Less time spent on invoicing and ability to invoice as you go
• A strong link between the work and the invoice, particularly if you’re using the Xero or MYOB
• Greater visibility of who’s doing what and when
• Elimination of tedious copying of job card information into invoices

Operations Manager and Team Leader/Supervisors
As you will no doubt already know these guys keep your business running and are fundamental to its success – sometimes you’re doing this role yourself as well as running the business. Regardless it’s often a stressful job. JobFlow will require some changes in the way that Ops managers work, but these changes deliver benefits to them and to the business. These benefits include:
Operations Manager and Team Leader/Supervisors
• A reduced reliance on your memory and less stress as a result
• Frees up significant amounts of time normally spent on low value work such as chasing drivers for paperwork, checking in with drivers by phone, ringing customers for job information that has already been communicated to you etc
• JobFlow’s structured workflows help with your personal organisation but are flexible enough to adapt to the way you like to work
• You can work from virtually anywhere and yet still have access to all the job, driver, customer, and site information you need
• Greater visibility of who’s doing what, where and when
• Quick capture of new work (less than 30 seconds!) as the customer call comes in
• High visibility of what needs to be done next
• JobFlow enables other people to support you during peak work times (ie admins or owners helping with job set-up or scheduling)
• Fast scheduling of work and ability to change the schedule ‘on the fly’

It’s easy to find reasons why the business needs JobFlow but these guys
(and occasionally girls) probably don’t care about these. That said, if they
don’t buy in to JobFlow they can kill your implementation in its tracks so
it’s pretty important that you sell the benefits to them. Examples of these
benefits are:
• Much less grief from Admin/Ops Managers chasing you for paperwork – particularly when you have to remember something you did earlier in the month
• Much less grief from Admin/Ops Manager because you went to the wrong place and/or did the wrong thing
• All the info you need at your fingertips to do the work… as long as someone has set the job up properly… and you don’t have to remember it!
• Much less risk of turning up to a job without the required seed, inoculant, wrap etc
• Less actual paperwork to complete and if you have a modern phone the voice to text feature will reduce the need to type as well
• Very easy to learn and use app with a supporting training video that only takes 5 mins to watch
• Maps that will help you navigate to the work and, if they’re loaded against the site, a farm map to point you to the paddock

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