A work as you go tutorial is also avalible for this at https://prod.jobflow.nz/help

  1. Go into the JobFlow menu and select "Customers" or select "Customers" from the dashboard
  2. At the bottom of the page click "Add Customer"
  3. Enter customer details (Trading name, first and last name are required)
  4. Enter in "Billing Details", you can do this manually or search it using the google maps search box
  5. Click save customer
  6. If you need to add another contact you can do this by clicking add a contact and adding the required info and saving.
  7. To link a site to your new customer you can do this by: 

            Searching in the search box will show all sites from within JobFlow
            By clicking "Add New Site" you are able to create a site and link it to a                            customer
            By clicking "Add from Billing Address" the information written in the billing                      details is copied to both create and link a site to the customer.

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