1.  Prepare the file you want to upload. 

The file must be less than 3Mb
Most common document and image types can be uploaded but custom formats such as shape files or custom map file types can’t.
If you want the file to be attached to a Xero invoice ensure that the file name does not include numbers or special characters like #, @ and $.  If these kinds or characters are present Xero will drop them from the filename. Please note that this is Xero restriction not a JobFlow one.  
Please also note that MYOB does not currently support the ability to attach files to invoices.

2.  Login to your JobFlow Admin account via https://prod.jobflow.nz/
3.  Navigate to the Job you wish to attach a file to.
4.  Click the Attachments button

5.  Click the Choose file button, navigate to the location of your file, select it and then click Open.

6.  Your file will now be attached to the job.  Please note that as at writing (28/3/18) these files are not visible to your drivers via the mobile app.  This feature will be added in a future release.
7.  If you are a Xero customer and want to attach a file to an invoice click the Edit button and toggle the attach to invoice checkbox and click the green Save button to save your changes.
8.  A descriptive comment can be added to the file but this does not get sent to Xero

9. Your file will be visible to other Admins, is permanently stored against the job unless it is deleted from the job, and will be backed up in the cloud along with your other job details.

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