In order for JobFlow to create a draft invoice in MYOB a few conditions need to be met.

All tasks that you want to be billed need to have:
The billed checkbox ticked
The completed checkbox ticked

Once you are happy with the billing preview at the bottom of the job page, move the job phase into invoice and press save

This will save the job and also send the job as a draft invoice to the sales section of MYOB.

Below is how JobFlow will populate your MYOB invoices:

  1. Linked MYOB customer - Populated by the customer which is linked to JobFlow
  2. Customer infomation - Populated from customer in JobFlow
  3. Date - Taken from job completed date within job page
  4. Ship - Populated from either size/hours from a task, based on the chargeout rate unit
  5. Item Number - Populated from item code on a task
  6. Description - Populated by chargeout rate name from within a job template
  7. Price - Populated by chargeout rate for a task
  8. Total - Populated by price on a task
  9. Job number and invoice notes will appear here from the job page
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