The "new" phase is reserved for jobs that have been recently created without all of the required information to complete that job.

The idea behind this is that jobs will sit in "new" until an admin comes and decides that job is ready to have work allocated to it and will either shift the phase to booked for someone else to allocate work or allocate the work themselves which will shift the phase to scheduled automatically .

A "booked" job is a job which has all the required information and is waiting to be allocated resources.

A "booked' job is automatically moved to "scheduled" when any assignments are made on tasks, however you can manually move the job to scheduled without assignments as well.

Scheduled" jobs are jobs that are waiting to be completed by operators via the mobile or waiting for admins to to complete tasks manually

There are two ways that a job can shift into the "completed" phase, the first is for the admin to manually shift the phase. The second is for all tasks on the job to have the complete checkbox ticked. This can happen either by an operator completing a task on the mobile or by and admin manually ticking the complete checkbox themselves.

Jobs that are in "review" is a completed job that is waiting for either an owner or someone who is in charge of insuring that invoices are correct before invoicing.
If your system is connected to an accounting system moving the phase to "invoice" will automatically generate a draft invoice.

If your system is not connected you will be able to save your own invoice numbers within the invoice number field.

The "closed" phase is used for once a job has been completed and also been invoiced and paid for. This is a phase to keep jobs in so in the future you will be able to reference back to it.

This phase is for jobs that have been entered into the system that have been cancelled before the work has been completed.

In Dispute
This phase is for jobs that are currently being disputed with the payee.

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